Applied Informatics Research Paper

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Abstract: Applied Informatics covers the theory and application of informatics in various scientific, technological, engineering and social fields. It aims to inspire new multidisciplinary research, with the foundations of informatics like information theory, statistical modeling, machine learning, etc as the driving core. This paper mainly focuses the applications of Applied Informatics in the various emerging scientific fields.
Keywords: Applied Informatics, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
I. INTRODUCTION Informatics is the study of the structure, behavior and Interactions of Natural and engineered computational systems. It gives some representation, processing and the communication of information
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The goal of this advanced analysis process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. The methods used are at the juncture of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics, Database Systems and Business Intelligence. Here, the Data Mining concept is exploring the Applied Informatics field for the required information’s. This paper has organized as follows, section 1 focus the concept of Applied Informatics; section 2 reviews the concept of applied informatics in the various fields, section 3 explains applications of Applied informatics in life sciences, section 4 describes applications in Intelligence science, section 5 concentrates community science, and section 6 concludes the paper.
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Commonly used software tools and technologies in the field include Java, C#, XML, Perl, C, C++, Ruby, Python and spreadsheet applications [4].
C. Medical Informatics Medical informatics is the study and application of methods to improve the management of patient data, clinical knowledge, population data, and other information relevant to patient care and community health. It is a Heterogeneous field, composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of training. Which viewed as a service but it is more considering as a science to using the information’s for the health care. In medical informatics it have developed many of the information systems that now provide us with clinical computing tools in our academic medical centers, and current research continues to anticipate both the needs of our evolving health care system and the remarkable new technologies that regularly appear.[5]

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