Applied Linguistics In Second Language Essay

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Applied linguistics in second language teaching is very important. I t must be taken into consideration for teachers at the time of teaching a language, all the characteristics that go with the target language as well as the ones for the mother tongue of students.
Teacher can make great use of these characteristics to contrast both languages into their lessons to help students understand similarities and differences between both languages, this can lead students to use their L1 into the acquisition of their L2.
The concepts we learned have for us as teacher great importance, however we don’t want o shouldn’t try to teach them to ours students, it is not necessary for them to know the phonetic alphabet, they must discriminate the different sounds of phonemes and we can help them to do so by a variety of techniques like modelling, the use of videos or songs where they can listen the pronunciation in context.
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Having an accent is something totally normal and is should not be seen as lack of knowledge about the language. What is important is to have a pronunciation that is objective enough for the listener to not be confused. Among native English language speakers there is a wide variety of accents even in the same country or state, so we should care less about students having an accent, we must focus on improving their pronunciation. But overall this, we must focus on having them speaking. In order to so, me have to provide meaningful activities where students can engage and feel safe to be able to speak. In CLT principles we see that inside the activity we have to take care of the importance of creating a audience for the speaker. The activities where students are involved speaking , there must be a need for the listener to listen and for the speaker to speak. So the types of activities must not be predictable and controlled only by the book or the

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