Applied Social Work Model

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THE APPLIED SOCIAL WORK MODEL The social work model that can be applied to this case is the Social Ecological Model. Socio-ecological models were introduced after the First World War by Chicago School sociologists as a reaction to the narrow scope of human developmental research. This approach has increasingly become a focus in social work practice over the years as it integrates both treatment and reform by emphasizing the developing transactions between persons and their physical and social environments. Through this model, James will be seen as an active, dynamic part of the interaction process between the people and systems in his environment, and not just a passive reactor, so that his coping patterns can be improved. This will also allow…show more content…
The social worker will act as a link between needed resources, services and opportunities. James will receive help to explore his options for finding somewhere to live, his employment opportunities, his opportunities to obtain skills training and ways to improve the relations with his past foster parents. Benefits of reuniting him with his biological parents will also be explored. Thirdly, the systems that are present in James’ life will be focused on to find ways to reform them or apply them in ways that best meets James’ needs more effectively. James will be seen as having transitional problems as he is experiencing difficulty in moving from a foster child to an independent adult. Thus the collections of systems that will be approached to accommodate James’ development are the family system, education system, religious system, employment system and the social service…show more content…
Firstly, housing will be difficult to access for James. He has only two months residence left at the shelter and it is uncertain of where he should go from there .Finding a stable place of abode for him is difficult as he does not have good relationships with his foster parents and he does not know his biological parents, thus, he has no family members that he can live by, even if only temporarily. Also, he has no stable means of income, so renting is not feasible. Secondly, there may be limited resources and services that the social worker can suggest to James as he is fit and capable to work, and not of dependent age. This limits his eligibility when applying for assistance from social welfare. Also, in considering resources and objectives, the priority of James’ needs may create a problem for the social worker. This can be seen in James’ urgent need for housing, which can be facilitated if he has a stable job. Thus, James needs to become certified. However, housing surpasses certification in James’ priority of needs as he has limited time to stay at the

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