Appraise My Philosophy Of Education

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This assignment will critically appraise my philosophy of education. It will also detail previous conceptions of education, outline the values and beliefs of different philosophies surrounding education, and discuss how past experiences has influenced my present thinking. I believe education should be about empowerment and allowing children to reach their potential, but I believe the child should be at the centre of education. Children should not be forced to learn off the syllabus just so they get adequate grades thus reflecting well on the teacher, just because a class achieves remarkable grades that does not mean that the teacher has fulfilled their job as an educator, it is only a small part of the occupation, being an educator is about helping children discover themselves, develop their own thinking and understanding of ideas and allowing them to become an individual. I believe that a classroom is a very influential environment and a teacher’s disposition has a substantial effect on the atmosphere and learning that goes on in their classroom. If a teacher does not value every student’s voice it can lead to students not engaging with assignments, thus limiting creativity and individuality. However, to allow aspects these aspects of education to flourish there must be a system in place to educate children. There is currently no agreement to the most appropriate approach to implement when educating children as there are flaws associated with both traditional and

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