Appreciative: How Marijuana Changed My Life

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A Found Love In terms of appreciation, one thing I 'm most appreciative of is the fact that I 've been extremely blessed in life. My luck as a whole hasn 't been all that good, but I 've been blessed. Truthfully, there are times in my life where decisions I made could 've altered my life. From dabbling in a lifestyle I was ignorant to, to depression. Needless to say I have a past the same as everyone. All that being said the one thing that has helped me to grow the most as a person is Marijuana. From the beginning of my cannabis use it has been an enlightening experience, and I appreciate it and credit it to who I am today. To start my love began the winter of 2012. I had just gotten kicked out my Grandfather 's house and things were…show more content…
"First it started with a nickel, then a dime and a twenty spending up all my money." Those exact lyrics described my transcendence into my new girlfriend as a I came to call Marijuana. When I sit back and think about who I was as a person before I smoked, I hated myself. I wasn 't confident as a person, and I let a lot of insecurities stop me from doing things that could 've cultured me more. I suppose, all of my insecurities stemmed from home and school not being positively enforced looks and personality wise. People often talk about their multiple exes and what not, and I just sit there. With only a few minor relationships in the past, I can 't really relate to a lot of the issues my peers go through. My cannabis use has brought me out of my shell or a rut or whatever it may have been. I 'm thankful for that, and I 'm proud of who I 've become because of Marijuana. It is often talked about in spirituality that cannabis is a fuel to the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the seat of the soul, and the door to unlocking your Third Eye. Not to sound like a quack, but the Third Eye is important perception, self evaluation, and free thinking in general. All that being said in the simplest terms, Cannabis has

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