Approaches To World Politics: Realism And Liberalism

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Approaches to World Politics- Realism and Liberalism World politics is the political and economic pattern of countries, concerning International relations to seek to understand the political and economic relations between the nations through different approaches. The three approaches of world politics are Realism, Liberalism, and Marxism. Realism is an approach to study the world politics, that emphasize the role of the states and their actions taken in the international system. In the international arena, realist considers the states to be the principal actors concerned with their own security and act in favor of their own national interest and power (Bull, 2012). The state is more concerned about the national interest and seeks to preserve…show more content…
Liberals support ideas such as civil rights, free and fair elections, free trade, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and private property. Within the international system, It believes that there are many actors that are interconnected (Dahlgren). Liberalism promotes the idea of liberty and allows states along with other actors like international organizations and individuals. For example, Liberals believe that UN can help countries to build strong trust and corporations between states would be promoted (The.Guardian, 2016). Why Liberalism?? The best approach to World politics according to me is Liberalism because it promotes more ease and more convenient ideas and practices. Many people think realism is the right approach to study world politics, but I believe that Liberalism promotes more equality and liberty than realism. It gives individuals the right to speak and moral power is considered one significant power in liberalization. Moreover, Unlike realists, I do believe that International organizations play a vital role in building strong relations, trust, and corporation between nations.…show more content…
Organizations like IMF and WTO also promotes free trade organization that is one of the causes of globalization. The concept of global banking is another factor that caused globalization. • The growth of MNCs- The multinational companies growth within previous years like Nike, McDonald 's ', Microsoft and Apple is another cause of globalization and a consequence too. the growth of MNCs made globalization more reinforced and known. Globalization allows the MNCs to freely produce and move goods and services in the international markets worldwide. Globalization had encouraged developing countries to make vital changes through large loans from the World Bank and had persuaded market reforms through the International Management. This led to the removal of tariffs and freeing economies of various developing countries. The developed countries now had the opportunity of investing in the developing nations, producing job opportunities. For example, Swift growth in India and China decreased world poverty. Globalization acts as a link between developing and developed countries, reinforcing the importance of depending on one
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