Personal Narrative: My 16th Birthday Party

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Jenny could not hold her excitement. It was almost her 16th birthday and she was so anxious to see what her friends had planned for her. For the past week, Jenny had been implying that she wanted a birthday party thrown for her, She knew her friends would not disappoint her. It was finally the day Jenny had been waiting for. She woke up with a huge smile on her face ready to start the day. Jenny did her hair, her makeup, and put on a cute outfit that she had planned for the day. Jenny headed downstairs and was greeted by her parents and her little brother. Jenny’s mom had made her special birthday cake and had her favorite breakfast on the table. There was waffles with nutella, fruit, scrambled eggs, and bacon. The morning had started off amazing. Jenny left her house with a huge smile on her face. She could not wait to see what her friends had planned out for her. Jenny had got to school and made her way to her locker. She hadn’t seen any of her friends yet, which was unusual. When Jenny opened her locker, she found a snickers bar, her favorite candy. She didn’t know who…show more content…
She walked over to the lunchroom and was a little disappointed that no one remembered her birthday. At her lunch table with her friends, Jenny waited to see if anyone would wish her a happy birthday. None of them did; they acted as if it was any normal day. Throughout lunch, Jenny decided to keep to herself. She was heartbroken. When he went to her locker to gather her things for her next class, she found another gift. It was a beautiful ring. Jenny’s mood became lifted. She put the ring on and made her way to class. It was finally the end of the day and when Jenny went to go put her stuff away and go home, she found one last thing. It was a bouquet of bright red roses and a little card was attached to it. She opened the card and it simply read, “park at 5:15”. Jenny was nervous but at the same time she was
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