April And Hercules Analysis

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It is important for one to find their true identity because it shows who the real person other people are going to love and relate to. It is important because it brings along other traits including high self-esteem, health, and safety. Finding your self identity is important because it helps you find the people that are right for other people, like real friends, not fake ones. It gives someone a sense of belonging to a certain person. April and Hercules both have ¨fake¨ identities and they both go on a road of self loving to find the real them. April and Hercules both have ¨fake¨ identities. Both do not fit into the other character groups in each story. They are both different. But, as they realize that they are different, they began to find themselves. Both April and Hercules go through a tough journey to find who they are. For April, no one else had the same mask as her, so she was different. She then realizes that she does not care if she is different or not, and takes off her mask with relief. She found herself. For Hercules, he has this amazing gift of strength, but he wants to be like everyone else. He embarks on a journey to become the great greek…show more content…
April´s story is not only modern day, but hers is more relatable to. Hercules´ story is interesting and fun, and gives us a sense of confidence. In April´s journey, she goes by herself to better herself. She was never working up to a certain goal, just trying to find herself for herself. After she revealed her mask, everyone else in the school looked at her in a different perspective, either astonished or disgusted, but that did not matter anymore. In Hercules´ journey, he goes along with Phil, Meg, and Pegasus to find himself. He had help to find himself. His goal was to go to Mt. Olympus to join his father, Zeus, and the other gods. Along the way, he became famous and found love. April and Hercules´ journey were different, but both fantastic stories and
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