April And Hercules Essay

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It is important for a person to know their true identity. If they do not know their true identity then they are not truly themselves, they are someone or something else. Most people choose to ignore who they really are because they are afraid that people will make fun of them for being different, but being different is a good thing and that should never hold anybody back. In fact, it should make people proud that no one else is quite like them. For example, Hercules and April both were left out because they were different, but they used their differences from others and became leaders where they were. Both April and Hercules were considered freaks, felt like they did not belong, and felt very misunderstood, but both had to overcome obstacles…show more content…
For instance Hercules had help from his father to find his true identity, while April was on her own to find out who she really was. Also, April did not really think about her journey as she did it, she just did what she knew was right without second guessing it. Hercules ended up thinking about his journey and, for the most part, controlling how it played out. April even ended up having little hidden clues that hinted what would happen in her journey, unlike Hercules. Although people have very many differences in their journeys, they will still find their true identity. By watching these films about April and Hercules, students could learn to give up on trying to be like others and put all of their focus into finding out who they truly are. They could learn to find others that will help them on their journey to find their true identity. Students may even learn that, although it seems like it is a bad thing, that being themselves is the true way to fit in. Hercules and April show how to do so many amazing things and it is important for students to understand what is happening in the stories, so that they can find their true identity and help others to find their true identities
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