April Morning Analysis

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What would you do if your life was turned upside down in a matter of hours? April Morning is a novel by Howard Fast and is based out of Lexington on the date April 19th, 1775; it is about a young boy whose life goes from being just a kid to having more responsibility than he thought he would end up with as a child in the small amount of time that conflict arises. Adam Cooper is the protagonist in this book, he has many stages throughout this storyline, such as immature in the beginning, then he starts to become fearful of what is happening, and finally he matures.
Immature is a common word; it means having or showing emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger. Adam Cooper, the protagonist of this story, in the beginning is sought to be very immature in his doings. He is never thought of as a man or even acts as if his responsibility was relevant. “That’s just it, Adam. You sit there with that look in your eyes, and just as plain as daylight I can see what kind of silly dream you’re contemplating. When I was your age, if a boy had an hour between the chores and meal time, he spent it with profit reading the Holy Writ.” (Fast5). This quote portrays how Adam wastes the time in between chores and meal time with day dreaming when he could be doing something to profit himself. Adam and his father, Moses do not
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Adam was very fearful in the middle of this book. “God have mercy on me.” (Fast105). This quote shows how he was scared, he pleaded with God that he could not be courageous much longer. Adam and his brother, Levi, aren’t very close in the beginning or middle of this book. “But when Levi slipped out of the smoke house, I was alone again and afraid again.” When Levi left Adam in the smoke house, he became frightened again, this shows how fearful Adam actually is at this time. Fearful is a strong word that describes how Adam feels throughout the middle of the
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