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Throughout Canadian history there has been a battle for equality, whether it be equality for gender, age and race. In the novel In Search of April Raintree, by Beatrice Mosionier, the protagonist April faces many hardships, especially with her race. Although Mosionier’s novel is fiction, events she writes about strongly correlate with tragic events that have occurred throughout Canadian history and even present day. Despite being set back in the late eighties, the racial discrimination April faces still exists in today’s world. Racism is an issue that seems to have no resolution although the solution seems simple. In Search of April Raintree is a novel that shows the life of a young indigenous girl who struggles to accept who she is and where she comes from. Mosionier does a superb job of showing first hand the thoughts and feelings victims of racism have after being tormented. After being placed in a foster home, April experiences one of her first encounters with a racist. Her foster family is the first example of the numerous hardships April…show more content…
Although racism has been the root for many horrible historic events such as: the Holocaust, Slavery and the Civil War, throughout the last couple decades, societies have learned to accept and embrace rather than annihilation. This being said, society is not at an ideal racism free state, to this day there are still thousands if not millions of people who are racist. Some are defined as behind door racists, these individuals do not act upon their beliefs on race, but still make those prejudice comments. However, there are individuals who attempt to recreate historic groups who focused on the assimilation of certain cultures. Groups such as Neo-Nazi’s, who push for the re-establishment of the ideology of Nazism and praise the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. Amongst other groups who share similar movements, today’s society is riddled with
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