April Raintree Themes

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In Search of April Raintree written by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier contains several different themes. Themes include the search for identity, native girl syndrome, family relationships, foster care and the separation of families, social challenges, and etc. Foster care is a system where underaged children are placed with a caregiver arranged by the government or social services. These children, who cannot live with their parents, are provided a foster family. “In 2011, Statistics Canada collected information about whether or not a child in a household was a foster child. The data show that, in 2011, there were 14,200 Aboriginal children aged 14 and under who were foster children in Canada,” (Turner). Foster care is a common issue for Indigenous children. Foster care and the separation of families can destroy the relationships of family members and develop personalities similar to their foster parents and siblings. April and Cheryl Raintree were sent to an orphanage where Mother Superior and other nuns took care of them and children with similar ages. Mrs. Semple becomes their social worker and tries to provide foster homes. Separated from their family, April and Cheryl Raintree were sent to foster care, where they would then meet and live with several foster families, which can be both negative and positive.
On September 9, 1955, the Dion family was the first foster family for April Raintree. They lived in St. Albert, south of Winnipeg. The family consists of Mrs. Dion, Mr.
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