Narrative Essay On Fools Day

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It was a Saturday morning, April’s Fools Day 2017. I was so excited that morning to be going to my best friend's house. I was sitting in my room playing my xBox when he texted me and asked if I was ready. So, I got ready to go and texted him to tell him to tell his mom to come get me. When she arrived I got all my stuff together and got in the car. On the way there we were talking about birthdays and stuff. When we arrived my best friend was sitting in the basement waiting for us. We walked in the house and took our shoes off, that was a rule since we were little. I walked over to talk to his step dad and he asked me how i was doing and i told him i was doing fine. Then i walked down stairs to the basement, there i saw my best friend sitting on the couch playing the…show more content…
I thought the drugs had wore off but i was so wrong. The only people in the house were me, my brother, my best friend, his mom and his little brother. His mom was laying on the couch with his little brother, who was about to go to bed. Then as we were playing the game my best friend started asking weird questions to me and my brother. First, he asked why we need to breath and what the purpose of breathing was. Then, he asked why we worship god they were really weird questions. I started to get a little worried about him, i was really scared on what he would and could do. It was 10:10 pm when my best friend layed down to go to bed, then all of the sudden he just stood straight up without saying a word. Suddenly he walked up stairs without making any sound or anything, i thought he was maybe getting a glass of water. Then while i was sitting there playing Call of Duty on the xbox i heard a loud bang! I jumped and thought if i should run up stairs or stay here. My brother ran up there and all the sudden i heard screaming, i was so scared of what
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