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2. I would say that the first sentence in the Declaration is a periodic sentence. It gives an explanation of what is to come in the sentences that follow, and it has many phrases and clauses to lead into the main part of the passage. 3. The introduction to the Declarations tone of the first paragraph is forward and direct about anger of a dispute to a major argument. The authors avoid specifying the conflict between Britain and the Americans because they wanted to announce that they wanted to separate from the British Empire, they wanted to give just that specific detail about them leaving the empire. They refer to “one People” as the Colonists and the Congress, the people who apposed the British rule. Some who were not loyalists to the king, those who were in Continental Congress and all “Americans” were considered “one People”. “They” and “them” are referring…show more content…
It establishes this by claiming this as a war to take over the government, but not a Civil War, but a war between two different nations. 5. The tone in the second section doesn’t talk about the conflict, but makes the Revolution “necessary”. Although, it does not specify the conflict between Britain and America, the tone is very simple and to the point of what is needed for “America” to break away. The conflict isn’t stated yet because they are still making their point of being United and no proof is required at this point. 6. “We” refers again to the Continental Congress, the people that broke away from the British King, the Americans. The first two sections are written in third person point of view because they are simply creating their demands, not asking for permission or wanting approval, stating demands. 7. The parallel syntax of the first sentence in the second section is again, stating who is making the demands and what they want. They have already established their government, and come together as a united group to break away from the British harsh laws and formed their
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