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1. How many people migrated to American cities in the years from 1870-1920? Answer: Thirty-six million people: eleven from the countryside, twenty-five from foreign nations. 2. What led them to move to the cities and what sorts of challenges did these people find once they arrived? Answer: Many immigrants moved to America to search for employment where their native European countries failed to provide, found that, unfortunately, sanitation, education, proper housing, well-paying jobs, and help with assimilation to the American lifestyle were all in short supply. 3. What sorts of new technological innovation were taking place during the period described? In railroading and in society in general? Answer: Railroads were now being expanded and forged in …show more content…

11. What led to the Great Railroad Stroke of 1877 and what was the outcome? Answer: In 1877, four of the largest railroads severed wages for their employees. Workers on the railways sought to protest this act, but their activism was put to an end by federal troops. 12. Who was Terrence Powderly and what organization did he found? What were the goals of that organization? Answer: Terrence Powderly was an activist who supported both skilled and unskilled workers alike. He was the ringleader of the Knights of Labor, a union that sought better conditions for employees nationwide. 13. Who was Samuel Gompers and what organization did he found? What were the goals of that organization? Answer: Samuel Gompers was an activist who supported capitalism. He founded the American Federation of Labor in 1886, which sought better wages, hours, and improved working conditions. 14. What were the significant differences between Powderly’s organization and those of

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