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3. Q- The process described in the excerpt most affected Europeans through:
My Answer- B, a decline in religious activity and the secularization of Europe.
. This is wrong because it is not what happened. While people did come to America for religious freedom, it did not result in Europe becoming any less religious.
Correct Answer- C, A significant population growth and economic development in many parts of Europe. The American colonies served as a source of revenue for the British empire. This passage is describing the interactions that the colonists had with the Indians in America. More agriculture and land for the colonists meant more revenue for the British.

5. Q- The trend in total population from 1670 to 1700 depicted on the graph
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The desegregation of the military provided blacks with civil and political equality in the military. The African Americans were now being treated as equals in the military. The words civil and political are why this is the correct choice.

30. Reagan’s speech best reflects which of the following developments in United States foreign policy? My Answer- C, the expression of peacekeeping efforts.Nothing about Reagan’s tone in his writing is peaceful. He is not giving Gorbachev a choice, he is forcing him to make a decision.
, Correct Answer- B, Increased assertiveness and bellicosity. This is the correct answer. Reagan 's speech has a forcefulness about it. “Come hereto this gate!” Reagan is telling Gorbachev that if he wants peace, he must do something.

31. Which of the following actions by the Clinton administration best reflects the ideas about the scope of government expressed in the excerpt? My Answer- D, The effort to enact universal health care legislation. Clinton starts out his address by saying “The era of big government is over…”. Universal healthcare is incorrect because that is extremely big
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In the address, Clinton says “We will meet them by going forward as one America, by working together in our communities,.... Our workplaces across the entire spectrum of our civic life.” Clinton is saying the government is not going to hold your hand and give you everything, but they will provide you with some welfare. The welfare they give you, however, will encourage the recipients to be more self reliant. They need to work in their communities.

32. The ideas expressed by Clinton in the excerpt were most similar to those of which twentieth century president? My Answer- A, LBJ. This is incorrect. Clinton and LBJ both gave aid, but they were completely different in doing so. JBJ, much like FDR, would just give, give, give, without a second thought. Clinton, on the other hand, did not want to give out as much or as frequently. Correct Answer- B, Ronald Reagan. Both Clinton and Reagan wanted to cut back on the amount of welfare items being dished out. Reagan kept many welfare programs, but also decided that some had to go, such as affirmative action. Clinton and Reagan were similar in that they realized it was important to have some welfare programs, but some were too extreme and not
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