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From 1765 to 1767, the British government passed laws in an effort to assert an authority over the colonies and colonists. These laws consisted of, but not limited to, the Stamp Act, The Declaratory Act, and the Townshend Acts. The passing of each of these laws did not result in a positive response from the colonies. The first of these acts that was passed was the Stamp Act. Britain had previously passed the Sugar Act that was not bringing in steady revenue to settle its debt, so another law was proposed called the Stamp Act (Goldfield, The American Journey, vol. 1, 125). The Stamp Act “required all valid legal documents, as well as newspapers, playing cards, and various other papers, to bear a government-issued stamp, for which there was a charge” (Goldfield, The American Journey, vol. 1, 125). This law immediately angered colonists. Colonies joined together to combat it; they ended up creating the Declaration of Rights and Grievances that would not allow Parliament to…show more content…
These acts “imposed new duties on imports that colonists got from Britain, including tea, paper, lead, glass, and paint” (Goldfield, The American Journey, vol. 1, 129). These were passed to accumulate more revenue. The revenue accrued would be used to pay governors and judges in the colonies their salaries so they would feel a closer tie to Britain than to the colonies (Goldfield, The American Journey, vol. 1, 129). Colonists began to boycott all British goods but this would not work considering most of their imports came from Britain. Following these events, the Boston Massacre occurred. A group of protestors crowded around British troops and one soldiers gun reportedly misfired into the mass; this caused the rest of the soldiers to believe they were ordered to shoot resulting in the death of five men and the wounding of six (Goldfield, The American Journey, vol. 1, 130). After this event happened, change began to happen in a positive

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