Aqua Tarabor Monologue Script

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Prologue Aquamarine: Come on, let 's go Pearl! Indigo is calling us, we have to go quick! What do you think Indigo is going to say? Maybe tell us there is a cure on the House of Wildflower? Have you heard the news? Pearl: What are you saying? Not a single person has told me any news. The only news i 've heard in awhile is about our brothers, both dead. Aquamarine: I figured you wouldn 't know. Im bringing you to this place to tell you, so we can be alone. Pearl: What are you up to this time? Aquamarine: Pearl, I think you know more than you admit to. It 's about our brothers, Bohe is only burying one to separate each other. Bohe says that Magnolia is going to be buried because he fits the standards, and is glorious to the people. Bohe also…show more content…
Pearl: It 's not like that, I just am not made to fight. Aquamarine: Tell this to your brother, I am going now to give him a proper goodbye. Pearl: You frighten me with your thoughts. Aquamarine: Don 't worry about me, be scared for yourself. Pearl: Just don 't tell anyone what you are going to do, I will keep it a secret too. Aquamarine: Come on, I am going to shout it in the streets, silence defeats the purpose, I am proud of this! Pearl: You make me angry. Aquamarine: Maybe, But I am doing what needs to be done. Pearl: Yeah, maybe that 's what you think. I am certain you will fail though. Aquamarine: That 's fine if I fail, I just won 't give up. Pearl: Don 't get your hopes up. Aquamarine: If you keep doubting me I will hate you forever, so will our brother. You think I don 't know what I am doing, but I do. I am doing what I feel is right. Pearl: Fine, go and die. You are a fool a great fool, and a perfect friend to all. Leader: Their commander Moon, he impressed you with his fancy phrases. He insults our land with his wings of snow and marshaled helms. God hates the blabber of voices. There shall be seven captains at seven gates. The two brothers will rage until each others death

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