Swot Analysis Of Panama

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Politics: • Panama's legislative issues occur in a structure of a presidential delegate democratic republic. • President of Panama is both head of state and head of government and multi-party framework. • Official force is practiced by the government. Legislative force is vested in both the government and the National Assembly. • The judiciary is free of the official and the governing body. • For all individuals national decisions are all inclusive and compulsory for all residents 18 years and plus. • National elections for the official and administrative branches happen once in 5 years. Individuals from the legal branch (judges) are selected by the head of state. • Panama's National Assembly is elected by equal representation in fixed electoral districts • Presidential decisions…show more content…
In the year 1974 aquaculture became commercial. For breeding purpose a pond was built in Bique especially for prawns. This development quickly expanded likewise because of presenting Whiteleg Shrimp homesteads and incubation facilities. The main lakes were contructed in Veraguas region, trailed by a 34 hectare ranch in Aguadulce and an incubation facility for bringing post hatchlings up in the town of Veracruz. In the year 1995 a law was released which stated aquaculture as farming. The law provided incentives and bank loans to farmers. The law also focused on technological aspects and natural resource preservation. An office was established to take care of aquaculture concessions such as water and land. By the year 1988 farmed shrimps were the 2nd largest export product of Panama. By 2000, the management of aquaculture increased with the strong support from farmers and collective support from the government as well as academics. It’s been growing ever
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