Advantages Of Aquaculture

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I am for the use of aquaculture in South Africa and in this essay I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this method.
The problem we as humans have on this planet is the lack of future food security and I believe aquaculture or more commonly known as fish farming will help end this disaster yet to come.

South Africa is famous for having an extremely high unemployment rate of 26% fish farming will bring that very large number down slightly by creating hundreds if not thousands of jobs for the unemployed, it also teaches the people that this new sector will employ different skills that could be important later in life as this line of work can become more popular.
Some of the problems are is that the sector is mostly undeveloped and will
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Some of the reasons why I like fish from is because it has a very low energy input compared to other types of food production .For example you need to feed a cow more energy than the amount of energy you will get out of the cow once you have killed tithe opposite is true for fish because he needed to feed the fish less energy so when you kill fish you will get more energy than what you have initially fed it. The problem with some of the fish is that they are difficult to study since there are deep in the ocean I recommend that we the study the fish that are found in more simple climates and have a simpler anatomy
Some of the other problems we have is that we over fish fish to feed carnivorous fish, this defies the logic of fish farming because the whole point of fish farming is to limit the environmental impact and to limit the amount of fish we catch. My solution for this is that we only farm fish that are predominantly herbivores so it will make feeding the fish a more simpler and further help limit the environmental impact of the practise.Properly located fish and shellfish farms can result in an increase in other marine species including economically important ones such as crabs, prawns, rockfish, salmon, and

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