Aquaculture Research Paper

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Aquaculture is the farming of fishes and aquatic cultures for commercial and edible purpose. Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing industries. So the aquatic organisms are continuously monitored for their healthy growth as parameters varies continuously with time and surrounding should also monitor. In this paper we designed and developed a low cost IOT based real time aquaculture monitoring system with an automatic feeding system. This system consists of several sensors like temperature, salinity and turbidity sensors. These sensors are used to measure physical and chemical parameters in and around water. Using IOT, the farmers or owners can continuously monitored and through the internet over long distance. This wireless monitoring
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The parameters which are measured are salinity, turbidity and temperature of the water and its surroundings. An automatic feeding system is used as both food starvation and over feeding leads to death. The arduino board is used as it is low cost and the interface for the sensors are required is less. The microcontroller used is ATmega328,which is a 8 bit RISC based microcontroller. The sensors used are temperature, turbidity and salinity. An L293D motor driver is also interfaced for the automatic feeding of food for the…show more content…
SPECIFICATION: ARDUINO: Arduino board uses the ATmega328 microprocessor which is a CMOS 8 bit microcontroller based on RISC Architecture. In a single cycle the throughputs is 1MIPS per MHz. It has 28 pins in which 23 I/O pins. They use PWM technique for getting analog results from digital pins. It has two8-bit timers and one 16-bit timer. TEMPARATURE SENSOR: The Temperature sensor used is LM35.It is a thermocouple or a resistance temperature detector (RTD) that gathers the temperature from a specific source and alters the collected information into understandable type for an apparatus or an observer. It is precious integrated circuit in which output voltage is directly proportional to the centigrade temperature. Temperature sensors used in several applications namely controlling system and AC system environmental controls, medical devices, food processing units, chemical handling, controlling systems, automotive under the hood

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