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Aquaculturist Many people like fish, but many people love agriculture, an aquaculturist is a mix between both aquatic animals and agriculture. A student who researches the nature of a job, its working conditions, employment facts, the education and training requirements, along with the future job potential and earnings will be wiser and more knowledgeable when determining a career path to choose. Becoming an aquaculturist is an interesting career path because an aquaculturist gets to meet new and exciting people, they get to be with animals all the time, and they make a lot of money. To begin with, they must be able to handle fish, the smell of fish and all the major duties that come with taking care of fish. An aquaculturist will work inside…show more content…
An aquaculturist needs to use computers to keep records, manage farm operations, and get news on prices. They think logically to find the best way to take care of and maintain the posterity the given fish habitat (SDMyLife). An aquaculturist must be able to think quickly and problem solve when something goes wrong. An aquaculturist beginning in their career will most likely be working under higher authority, making it more beneficial to get along with their boss. They will demonstrate dependability by keeping fish healthy and reproducing at a fast rate without any supervision(BLS). An aquaculturist is best having experience in this field, after that having a college degree is almost as good and finally it helps to have a high school diploma(SDMyLife). Finally, an aquaculturist must graduate high school and take a biology class, but will make more money with previous job experience, and a college degree(SDMyLife). They make an average of $70,010 a year! Along with full dental and health care. Aquaculturism is growing slowly at a 1% growth rate every year(BLS). In conclusion, an aquaculturist who can work efficiently and work effectively will have a great time with their job and will be very successful. They will enjoy their job because they like agriculture and they get paid a lot for doing what they

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