Aqueducts Of Ancient Rome

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Since Rome had a huge population of course they needed a large supply of water.
Aqueducts of Ancient Rome says, “ The Romans were not the first to use the aqueduct system, but they developed a larger and more advanced system than any other culture of their time and for many years to follow.”
The Romans decided to redirect mountain streams into the aqueducts.
The aqueducts were made of pipes that either ran underground or through a cement lined-through.
The engineers had to have a gradual slope on the aqueducts to keep the water supply moving towards the city.
The website states, “The aqueducts would end on the top of one of the seven hills of Rome.”
The Romans also considered a sewer system which would empty the waste from bathrooms, and laundries into Tiber River.
The water would provide for things like public baths, fountains, or a few wealthy homes in the city.
Just one of the most loved and most famous buildings in Rome is the Colosseum.
It’s a major tourist attraction.
It can hold over 50,000 people.
Roman Entertainment states, “The temperature in Rome in the summer could be very hot and the audience at the Colosseum was protected from the sun by a huge canopy that was put over the top of the stadium when needed.”
There were many events staged at the Colosseum.
Almost all were involved with death and destruction.
The website states, “There were the well known gladiator fights and the feeding of Christians to lions.”
There were also events like sea battles,
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