Arab American Misconceptions Essay

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Q7. What are some of the most common misconceptions regarding Arab American families?
Arab American families face many issues in the community that stem from negative stereotypes. These stereotypes can appear in the workplace, at school, or in other public places. The term Arab American encapsulates a variety of beliefs and actions, and does not always determine skin color or race (p. 104). Arabs in America may come from many different countries and religions. The negative stereotypes facing Arab Americans are spread through almost all areas of life and it is directed toward all ages. This means common misconceptions are supported through television, film, media, and news outlets. In order to negate the stereotypes upheld by society teachers and employers should be understanding and supportive of customs. Religion is a very important aspect of Arab and Muslim culture so being mindful of others and their habits is important. This does not mean that one religion is valued over another, but this means that others should remain respectful of other cultures. Not all Arab Americans are religious, but those who are have various ways of displaying their beliefs. Traditional Arab clothing may also provide negative stereotypes for those who are
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It is important to address and provide insight to things that might be offensive that others say. These negative connotations that exist do so because they are upheld in common places. If people were able to learn about other cultures in classrooms and society it would benefit everyone. Racism and negative stereotypes are not inherited they are taught. Education and cultural understanding is the only way to diminish these misconceptions. In the workplace this can look like training seminars that provide insight to various cultures and beliefs (p. 114). Promoting positive cultural identities is something that everyone should encourage in order to be culturally
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