Arabian Night Analysis

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“ARABIAN NIGHTS” Arabian nights is a story about a king who has a mental disorder because of trauma in his past experience of marriage. His wife betrayed him and was to kill him. The king has a brother who wants to kill him too so that he could rule over the king’s kingdom too. The king was about to marry a new maiden and that is his childhood friend. Everyone is scared for the maiden because they know that the king can kill her because of his mental disorder and craziness. He has insomnia, he can’t sleep and that’s is why his new wife tells him stories that could make him better. First was the story of Alibaba. It was an old Arabian lifestyle where people search for golds to get rich and when someone stole it the will do everything to get it back. There were forty thieves which for me represents people who is used to steal and when they steal they will always do. In the story…show more content…
It is about the story of the sultan’s jester named Backpack. He is a really funny jester and everyone likes him. It is an Arabian culture but it does not only exist in Arabians but also in countries of kings and queens. A jester is a joker and is supposed to make people laugh. At the end of the story the neighbors confessed about the death of Backpack .He choked himself because of making joke and laughing while eating at the neighbor’s place. The first neighbor got nervous that they might be in judged for the death of Backpack so they put Backpack to the other neighbors place until four neighbors got involved from the death of the sultan’s jester. In court room all the neighbors confessed and said the truth on what they did to the jester. It was about honesty even in times where you know that it could take you to a big consequence. However, the way how they think about backpack is not really normal. Because they even laughed at backpack’s death thinking it was the last
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