Derided By Vanity

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It seems that, the narrator is on the verge of having adolescence and this nascent teenage plays a key role in developing warm feelings for the girl, who is Mangan's sister with outstanding hair style and clothing sense. For the narrator, it can be said that, he has already fallen in love with the girl and at the first real meetings with her, he promised her to bring something for her as she could not able to make for Araby Bazaar (Wells, 1993). And so, it becomes mandatory for him to bring something for her love from the Araby. In this manner, in the context of “driven and derided by vanity”’, it can be inferred that, the narrator fails to make for the Araby in time and therefore, he cannot buy anything for her beloved. By gifting, he wants…show more content…
He learnt that, there is a big and impassable ditch between the reality and fantasy or dreams. He learnt that, his love will remain useless and imaginable as he does not know what the girl thinks about him. He also finds that, people around him are self-satisfied or self-righteous and they pretend to be pious, bigoted, and remain detached at all times. In fact, talking about the factors, which makes the narrator feel anguish and anger are disenchantment, which emerges after he realizes the truth of reality and fantasy or hallucinations, which he develops for his beloved girl (Wells, 1993). Speaking about the difference between Sammy and the boy (narrator) in this story, the narrator in the end understands the one of the truths of the life. He finds his wise thoughts about his wish and the real worthlessness of his wish in the real-time settings. On the other hand, Sammy also realizes the crux of the life after quitting the job just to please the girls. However, Sammy seems more imprudent in his thoughts than the narrator. Both try to entertain the girl, but, after a while, they know the bottom line of the
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