Arapaho Native Americans Research Paper

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The Arapaho Indians were originally permanent denizen of the eastern woodlands. This held true until the Europeans forced them westward to their new homeland areas in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming (Weiser). The repercussions of the invasion of the Europeans caused the Arapaho Indians to be more of a nomadic people, hunting buffalo herds as means of survival. Every remaining part of the buffalo had some sort of purpose. It was a lesson learned early on in life to never waste a part of an animal. The buffalo hide was used to create tipis which was a form of shelter that was portable and sturdy for the various weather conditions of the seasons. Buckskin was also used as blankets or to create clothing and shoes. The hair could also be used…show more content…
The women were in charge of the home. They cooked the food that the men captured, cleaned the village and home and even built the houses in which they lived. As hunters and warriors, the men protected their family and held positions as Chiefs (Lewis). Even as young men they are taught to contribute to the tribe as hunters. If they were not hunting, it would be their responsibility to make weapons for future use in hunting. The men played a particular role that was very distinct from the women. The clothing was also very distinct between the men and the women. The women wore buckskin dresses or split skirts and a poncho styled shirt. An average hairstyle of both sexes would be two braids on either side of the head. However, it was easy to distinguish the warriors because they were the men who wore fringed shirts in comparison to many of the men who did not wear one at all (Lewis). Typical men would also wear breechcloth and leggings along with moccasins. On the moccasins or any clothing created by the women, there would be designs that had spiritual

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