4 P's Marketing Strategy

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The use of a marketing mix is a great method to help make sure that positioning the right product in the right place will take place. It is an essential tool to know what products can be proposed and how to plan for an effective product offering and also help to discover growth opportunities in a market. In the 70’s it was extensively recognised by marketers that the marketing mix should be modernised. The extended marketing mix known as the 7Ps was created by Booms & Bitner in 1981 which include 3 other features to the 4 P’s.
The 7Ps of the marketing mix tool as a strategy is going to be used in this part of the report to ascertain growth opportunities for Arby’s and they are as follows:
Product: It is essential to keep in mind that each customer has their own choices when proposing menu items to them. They have different ways of spending money and also different locations to spend them on. It should be focused on creating best
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It is important for everyone to understand that the status revolves around the customers and they are the one who bring in the status. At Arby’s they have senior employees who knows both the business and local cultures. Also Arby’s put emphasis on on giving intense training to new recruits so that they fit perfectly in the organisation after to provide better service to customers.
Process: This includes the techniques and process of offering a service. It is necessary to have a detailed understanding on whether the services are done, offered in a good way and on time to the customers. Arby’s serves only freshly made sandwiches; the process of Arby’s includes ensuring that the raw materials are half or in some cases (bread and fajitas) fully organised in the kitchens. As soon as the order is received, it is prepared straightaway and served. As mentioned earlier, the strength of Arby’s is also its quick service which is appreciated by

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