Arcadia Supply Chain Analysis

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Key aspects of Arcadia’s Value and Supply Chain There are two types of supply chain aspects that the Arcadia including financial and nonfinancial. It is important to highlights activities and operations in regards of these two aspects so is to understand the supply chain management of the company. Financial Aspects of Supply Chain Inbound Logistics The inbound logistics of Arcadia is based on local and international suppliers all over the world that manufacture and supply the products of the company to its retail house by means of business to business approaches. The supply chain of Arcadia has helped the company to maintain the product availability and high quality products in their inventory to control the accessibility of products towards…show more content…
Apart from the financial and non-financial aspects of value chain, it is observed that the company do not own any factory to operate or own their products; however, the company is associated with a number of 700 suppliers all over the world that manufacture and supply the products for the company in over 1060 factories (Ambe, 2014). The company has been involved in CSR and recycling work since its existence. In addition, the value chain system of the organisation is further comprises of different layers of responsibilities including ethical audit program, country risk assessment, the responsible and accountable garment sector project, strategic labour priorities, HR management system and prohibited activities that enables the company to increase their consumer services and increase the effectiveness of their value chain (Ward,…show more content…
The CEO of the company, Phillip Green has associated the company’s supplier’s network with Manhattan Solution, so that the supply chain company helps the company to increase the flexibility of their progressive supply chain network that runs the company’s multi-brand, multi-channel, and international retail operation. In addition, the company has also invested heavily in e-commerce so is to ensure the availability of their product at their stores as well as their online stores to attract and facilitate their

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