Arcadianmc Trial Moderator Case Study

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What is your in-game name? My In Game Name is iiLlamas

What timezone are you in? I live in the western part of the USA, in California.

What server do you mostly play on? I try my best to play an even amount on all servers, but I find myself on KitPvP and Skyblock most often.

How old are you? I am currently only 12 years of age, but please know that I find myself very mature, and know how to also have a sense of humor.

For about how long have you been playing on ArcadianMC? I remember I joined ArcadianMC a very long time ago, I think 5-6 months ago. Unfortunately, I don 't remember the exact date.

Why are you applying for this position? I am applying for ArcadianMC Trial Moderator because I believe in this server. I believe this server has the potential of the best ones, and I believe we can make it there. The server has been growing like crazy, but that means our staff team must grow with it. I am looking to fill in the extra Trial Moderator places, because i believe that little by little, we will keep and continue growing. I am applying for this position because I realize that our amazing staff
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What strengths/weaknesses would you think you would have moderating a server? Be honest.

Strengths: Some strengths I believe I represent are showing kindness, treating all players with respect, being friendly to all players, no matter who they are, showing a great sense of humor, knowing to be mature when I need to, and always showing a positive attitude.

Weaknesses: Some weaknesses I believe I need to improve on is PvP, playing on Prison more, getting a little more involved in chat, looking at other chat messages while helping another player, and being less aggressive when I tell people, "I 'll report to a Moderator, Thank You!"

What 's your favorite color? My favorite color is indeed Black, but incase that doesn 't qualify as a color, red is second.

Thank You for reading my application! It really means a lot, and I would love if you could
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