Archbishop Mitty Personal Statement

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I am applying at Archbishop Mitty High School because ¬it has a history of high academic excellence coupled with a competitive sports program. Mitty has an excellent reputation from what I hear and their sports teams are well regarded. I have gone to their sports camps so I have a good experience and a good glimpse of how Mitty and their sports teams will be like. I am currently aspiring to be on the Basketball team and I am going through different coaching camps to be a better basketball player. I want to play for Mitty and be part of the Mitty heritage of camaraderie and success. I know several people that have graduated from Mitty and they all have nothing but great experiences from their high school years. Those people were confident and grounded. When I went to shadow at Mitty on December 2nd, the people there were so nice and friendly, which made me feel like I was a part of…show more content…
My grandfather was an accomplished lawyer, my grandmother acquired Masters and a Doctorate Degree in Education at Stanford. My dad is a successful CFO and General Manager. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know one thing is certain; I want to have the best education I can achieve. I realize that it is not all about being book smart. I need to have the Catholic teachings my parents and the school I go to instill in me every day so that I can have the guidance I need that will help me make the right decision when the time comes. Another reason that I want to go to Mitty is that I want to be closer to my home if I am needed. My grandmother is alone at home since my grandfather passed away last year. She doesn’t drive and needs company sometimes when she misses my grandfather. Mitty is very close to my home that will allow me to help my parents when the time comes that I can go home when needed and also close to my sisters’ school at Saint
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