Archer Morales Monologue

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The day I found out that Archer Morales killed himself, I didn’t know what to think.

I stared up at Mrs.Anderson, the slightly batty and graying-haired german teacher, with a blank look on my face, not really believing what I just heard. Mrs.Anderson sighed heavily as she took off her glasses and polished them on the front of her polyester suit. “Archer Morales committed suicide yesterday evening.” She continues. I swallowed hard as I slouched backwards in my seat, feeling the colour draining from my face. The more I thought about what she said, the more I realized that it sort of made sense.

When I first walked into school, twenty minutes ago, I couldn’t help but feel like something had gone wrong. I’d even seen bits of the staff clustered together in the hallway, their heads down as they talked quickly and quietly in furious whisperings. “Who’s Archer
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Hey, come on, you need to wake up. Hey!’’ I let out a small squeak of shock and bolted upright, looking around. As I looked around, I noticed that something was out of the ordinary. There was a tall, figure leaning over towards me across the table with a rather weirded out, concerned look in his intensely colored eyes, his lips twisted down in an unpleasant frown. Archer Morales was the one who was standing in front of me and he was most certainly not dead. He looked very much alive. Well rather annoyed, but still alive. “This has got to be some horrible nightmare that I’m having,’’ I say as I stand up and start pacing. “And you are obviously still dead and I’ll just be back in my bedroom, ready to start another boring day at our idiotic school.” “Gosh, you're weird,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “I’m weird? You're the one who's dead.” I said in a cheeky tone. “I think I am very much alive. What are you even doing here?” He replied. This is when I noticed my surrounding, I was in a small chinese restaurant. “Ok would you stop looking around like a idiot, I have to close it up. So get out” Archer
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