Archetypal Characters In Walter White

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“I did it for me . I liked it. I was good at it. And, I was really…alive.” This is what Walter White says at the end of the series, Breaking Bad, after he had changed into a new man to his new and improved “sidekick.”. The series, created by Vince Gilligan, stars many different archetypal characters including: the amoral attorney, the bumbling sidekick, and the antihero. First of all, Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher that get news he has cancer. He is the character that you feel like you have to like already just because he has cancer. After he finds out about the cancer he starts to think about how to make money for his family after he is dead. So he decides do to what he knows best and that is create something using his chemistry skills. He gets an old student of his and they start making meth. By this point Walter has already changed from the everyday guy to the antihero because you don 't want to root for him, but at the same time he is just trying to make money for his family. While they are making meth he gets more power and becomes scarier to people out on the streets because he kills a few people because they get in his way for making more and more money. Still while this is happening, you want him to achieve his goal of making money just for his family, but all the power gets…show more content…
When Walter first comes to Saul about keeping his money safe Saul jumps on the offer right away because he can already tell that Walter was made a lot of money in the short time he has been doing this and is bond to make even more. So Saul tells Walter he will keep his money safe and only take his share out. Saul’s share ends up being a lot of money because of the amount that Walter is making and once Saul see’s that Walter is about to get caught he gets as much money as he can and he runs away with it. So throughout the series he doesn 't really change, he just tries to get
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