Archetypal Evil Sleepover

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Y’know, I think these kids spend far too much time hanging around with an old lady. You’d think their parents would think the same when they were invited for a sleepover at a haunted house. This show tries to explain the unbelievable (ghosts) with the unbelievable (aliens) yet again, which confuses me. Not a fan of the recurring Professor Rivers, with her naive personality and name too similar to Dr Song. Cool to see Donald Sumpter now he’s appeared as Rassilon in Hell Bent, and also twice in the classic show. He’s the archetypal evil scientist (who dresses like a wizard?) so nothing special. No Luke to be seen, along with K9 and Mr Smith. Rani and Clyde have become such a duo recently, with bad comic moments and awkward teenage hugs to boot.
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