Archetypal Hero In Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone

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Can an eight year old really be capable of being an hero? Can an eight year old really be able to stand up for others, not backing down in fear. Showing his emotions and characteristics leading him up against his major challenges. Today's world is full of heros, but some may not even know it. A hero has many different qualities and simulations like any person. He has proven by his heroic characteristics in Harry Potter the Sorcerers Stone. Taking lead to his journey of being a hero.

Harry Potter is an example of an archetypal hero, shown by his unusual birth circumstances, lives else where and initiating event. Supporting the evidence found for unusual birth circumstances, Harry Potter was faced against voldemort trying to make an end to him. But instead because voldemort didn't have enough power, “ the spell he used backfired and he was seemingly destroyed, only leaving harry his scar.” Page 10. Leaving a figure of a lighting bolt carved on his forehead. Evidence supporting his initiating event, Harry finding the centaur deep into the
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Such as this evidence found for mighty warrior. Harry Potter took the risk causing a distraction for Ron and Hermione. “ He took a great running jump and managed to fasten his arms around the troll's neck from behind.” Page 176. Saving Ron and Hmermione's life, but putting himself in deeper danger. Along with the evidence found for admirable qualities. Harry has guts being sneaky and clever. For example, when Harry went out past his curfew with the invisibility cloak on. Trying to find answers about Nicolas Flamel. Only problem is it's in the restricted section of the library. The results of evidence found for epic quest, Harry has to try and get to the Sorcerer’s stone, before Snape and or Voldemort get to it. This was proven by his characteristics shown, as an archetypal
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