The Hero's Quest In Beowulf

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The steps of an archetypal hero quest have been introduced in hundreds of books over time. In all hero quest, the journey of the hero is described differently, but the hero usually endures the stages of a common hero quest story. The stories have similar ideas as well as similar hero adventures. The quest includes an inner battle or decision within the character that leads to a positive change or outcome involving the character’s actions. The book Beowulf, is a prime example of a hero quest despite the fact that the original book was written in hundreds of years ago. All hero quest stories, including Beowulf, start with the main character practicing an ordinary life. As readers, we view the main character’s ordinary world before he enters the journey. The idea behind including this stage of a hero quest is to allow readers to be able to recognize the time of the story, and to be able to relate to the hero by getting to know him a little. This stage allows readers to compare the ordinary life of…show more content…
The approach is a greater challenge, but still lesser than the final challenge. The approach leads the way for the final obstacle or challenge to take place. The hero has faced a challenge and earned his place in the world he entered after overcoming an obstacle. The hero may also establish a temptress in this stage. The approach stage is necessary to reorganize or design a plan to avenge the first test. Beowulf is unable to show the Danes the dead body of Grendel due to the creature scurrying off without a limb. The battle with Grendel prepares Beowulf for a greater challenge with Grendel's mom, after she avenges her son’s death by beheading one of Hrothgar’s dearest man. Without Grendel’s dead body and the loss of Hrothgar’s men, Beowulf sets off to kill Grendel’s mom. The battle with Grendel was much easier for Beowulf due to the location of the fight. In order to kill Grendel’s mom, Beowulf had to venture into her

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