Ender's Game Book Character Analysis

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Books are the ideal way to introduce a reader to the many morals of the human society. In the novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender, is drafted by the international fleet to lead multiple fleets of ships in combat against an alien species, but he does not realize that he was drafted for that purpose. Ender is sent to Battle School, where he becomes a true archetypal leader, and he gains many valuable friends that help him along the way. At a hidden asteroid, Ender begins what he believes are simulations, but really is the Third Invasion. After he destroys the alien species, he is told that it was all real and he breaks down. The valuable lessons that Ender learns from this victory helped make the book such a successful one that won…show more content…
After entering Battle School, he is quickly isolated by the group for his smarts. Although he suffers these setbacks so early on, he still seeks to make friends. His skill in making friends is demonstrated by a quote from the novel, “‘Let 's freeze a few,’ Alai said. ‘Let 's have our first war. Us against them.’They grinned. Then Ender said, ‘Better invite Bernard.’Alai cocked an eyebrow. ‘Oh?’ ‘And Shen.’‘That little slanty-eyed butt-wiggler?’” ( ). He shows that he is loyal to old friends and also willing to be friends with new people at the same time. Although he shows these traits, he doesn’t realize that he has friends. He is finally convinced when Alai says to him, “‘Always my friend, always the best of my friends,’” ( ). The extent of his friendship is shown by this, warming the heart of readers. Another powerful example of his friendships extent is when William Bee answered, “‘Ender, if you 're on one side of the battle, it won 't be equal no matter what the conditions are.’ ‘Right!’, called the boys. Many of them laughed. Talo Momoe began clapping his hands.‘Ender Wiggin!’ he shouted. The other boys also clapped and shouted Ender 's name,” ( ). This shows how people begin to not resent him for winning, instead, they laugh and congratulate him for beating them. Ender truly demonstrates how a true friend is made and kept. From all of this, Ender’s Game obtained a multitude of distinguished
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