Archetype In Hero's Journey

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Archetype Mulan Stages of Hero’s Journey Stage 1: Departure Mulan leaves her home to be in the army, so that she could bring honour to her family by defeating the Huns in the battle. At first, she is hesitant to leave her family, but is reminded that if she doesn’t go, she won’t be able to protect her father who is too old and weak to fight. Mulan knows she has to secretly take his place in this battle. Stage 2: Initiation Mulan’s initiation is when she cuts her hair and dresses like a member of the army. She goes from Mulan, a peaceful girl, to Ping who is a soldier in the battle between the Chinese and the Huns. Stage 3: The Road of Trials Mulan realizes she must act as if she were a man and she must fit in a man’s way of life so that she
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