Archetype In The Eternal Child

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Zack’s journey from fun child to irresponsible adult is shown superbly using the archetype of The Eternal Child. This is a literary archetype which either has a positive, negative, or indifferent aspect. The positive being determination of youth, the negative being an inability to grow up and accept responsibility, and the indifferent being immaturity. In this case, Zack fulfills the needs of the negative aspect through his inability to grow up and embrace responsibility that comes with adulthood. Firstly, Zack satisfies this archetype due to the fact that he cannot hold a job and consequently leeches off his parents money. Although Zack started the story as an intelligent, popular kid, he does not utilize his skills anywhere and ends up taking from his parents. This is shown by him living at his parents house up until he was given an ultimatum. His irresponsible money grubbing through his parents wallets also shows his inability to grow up and get his own job. His father’s ignorance and lack of discipline was shown by him getting fooled and practically robbed by his son after Winnifred exposes that “Zack lied over trifles, and periodically stole money out of wallets that were left laying around” (Wilson 103). This shows that Zack constantly lied, even about trifles. This is something a child would do and not a teenager, let alone a grown man. His childish-like behaviour also supports the claim to discipline children. Secondly, Zack satisfies this archetype because of his
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