Archetype In The Hero's Journey

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The film Stardust fits the classic Hero’s Journey mold, while also having elements of a post-modern Hero’s Journey as well. Many archetypes from The Hero’s Journey are seen and some characters possess more than one archetype or stray away from the classical versions of their archetype adding to the idea of a post-modern Hero’s Journey. As you will see this film has the characteristics of both types of The Hero’s Journey. The first way that Stardust relates to the classic Hero’s Journey is when the hero of the film Tristan goes through the Hero’s Journey cycle. He starts out in his normal life where things go wrong for him which is his status quo. Then he acquires assistance and his call to adventure from a note and a babylon candle left by his mother. Tristan then goes on to have many trials and conflicts until he reaches his crisis and the villain is defeated. This is an example of a classic Hero’s Journey cycle in action Another way Stardust connects to the classic Hero’s Journey is through the various archetypes that are present throughout the film. It possesses all the basic archetypes such as the hero (Tristan), sage (Captain Shakespeare and various other characters), and villain (Lamia). Which for the most part all classic Hero’s Journey stories have these archetypes and the way they are used in Stardust in some…show more content…
The hero Tristan not only goes through the classic Hero’s Journey cycle but does it in a post-modern way in some instances. Where he is the one needs to be saved or some of the steps will go out of order. Also the archetypes in the film stay true to the classic Hero’s Journey for some characters, while other characters are post modern such as Captain Shakespeare. Finally, Stardust is great in a way that it is able to incorporate both types of the Hero’s Journey old and new
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