How To Play Pranks

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As I sat in the circus with my sister, I waited for the show to begin. I was elated since I had never been to a circus before. I didn’t even know what to expect. As if my uncertainty cued the show to begin, a clown walked onto the stage. He wore giant red hair, enormous boots, a baby costume, and white makeup on his face. He was no more than a clown, a fool. The word fool usually generates the feeling of one who is stupid and/or dumb in many people’s mind. But, there is a meaning behind the word that can almost be applied to anyone. A fool is someone who can play pranks on people, cause people to laugh, and even lighten someone’s mood. A fool has no definite meaning, except the fact that they can find some fun in circumstances. An archetype…show more content…
Fools are known to play tricks or pranks on other people. They find joy in the smallest prank pulled on a person. These so-called pranks may consist of lying to a person in order to stimulate fear, planning an event to get a reaction of laughter from other people, and many more playful acts. An instance of lying to people is when a fool might declare an early yet false date of an upcoming test. For instance, I remember one day when I announced to my friends that the science test would be tomorrow, even though it was scheduled for a week after. This caused them to freak out, something that I found very humorous. Fools enjoy life one day at a time. They don’t stress over the small things that are in the future. They simply focus on the present. A fool might do this by taking in every moment and every second of their lives. For instance, a fool would not worry about an upcoming test. They would simply attend class every day and listen to the lectures given by teachers. On test day, they would sit down to take the test without stressing. Finally, fools appreciate freedom and joy. They believe that in life, it is important to stop and relax. However, they also know that freedom is very significant in a person’s lifestyle. Freedom utterly means that one has the right to express themselves in any shape or form, without causing harm to others. This is one thing that they desire. Overall, fools are very silly
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