Archetype Of Hemingway

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Hemingway is regarded as one of the most influential writers in American history. In his highly regarded short stories and novels he is remembered by his classic anti-hero who appears in most all of his works. This anti-hero represents clear and easily recognizable traits such as fractured relationships with women and constant exposure to danger. We see these traits and many more in the 1970 film starring Jack Nicholson, Five Easy Pieces. In this film the anti-hero archetype is clearly represented by the main character Bobby as he lives his life trying to deal with his girlfriend and his sick dad. Due to the fact that the classic Hemingway hero is so easily recognizable it was very easy to relate the main character in the movie to that of…show more content…
In Snows of Kilimanjaro, the main character Harry, much like Bobby from the movie, constantly attacks his girlfriend verbally while playing it off like it's a normal thing to do. Hemingway writes, “He had never quarreled much with this woman, while with the women that he loved he had quarreled so much they had finally, always, with the corrosion of the quarreling, killed what they had together. He had loved too much, demanded too much, and he wore it all out.” Hemingway tries explaining that by over loving his wife, he really has lost respect for her and therefore no longer cares about her. Both women in the short story and the film are extremely similar in that they support their man in every way possible even though he may not treat them the way he wants to be…show more content…
In the movie,the relationship between Bobby and Rayette is clearly not traditional. Even though he claims that he loves her which he may, It's quite obvious to the audience that he abuses her verbally and sometimes physically. Bobby sees rayette as a sexual object and uses her specifically for that reason and that reason only. Bobby never says much to Rayette about how he truly feels about her, the most he ever says is “I love you” in a sarcastic joking manner. Bobby lives a pretty introverted lifestyle, he plays a pretty mysterious character in the movie because the audience never gets a real insight into his mind to see what he is really thinking. In the short story “Hills like White Elephants” the male character involves himself in a conversation with the female character about what seems to be whether or not to have a baby. Throughout the process of listening to the conversation as a reader this decision becomes more and more obvious that is is about having a baby even though neither of the characters ever says just that. We can infer through the dialogue between the two characters that they are talking about having a child. Much like Bobby from “Five Easy Pieces” the male character from the short story, reveals his thoughts in a more submissive
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