Archetype Of Success Essay

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Merriam-Webster defines success as the attainment of wealth, indulgence, or distinction. To the blind beggar alongside the dirt road in the Middle East, however, success might merely mean managing to get enough money to purchase a meal for the day. To the U.S. Marine fighting on the battle field, success may mean avoiding living to fight another day in order to make it back home to see his family. To some success may mean having millions of dollars, living in a giant house, and owning all of the latest cars, styles, and technology. The definition of this seven letter word is neither fixed nor limited because honestly, it is interpreted quite differently by the billions of inhabitants of this earth. I personally believe that success is the reaching of a three-pronged goal: true and unquestionable happiness, living a life of appreciation and positively impacting the lives of others. Therefore, a successful life can only be met by pursing your passions, maintaining healthy relationships, and above all, putting self-approval over the approval of others.
The media wants us to believe that living a self-centered life, involving nothing but a personal pursuit of money and fame
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The basic yet brilliant message Emerson was trying to convey in this quote was that success is a trio of traits: happiness, appreciation and impacting the lives of others. However, the main ingredient required to be successful and in turn leading a successful life is undeniable acceptance of oneself. There is no way to be truly happy if you are not confident in who you are. While it is easy to point out all you're lacking or wish you had, accepting what you do have and embracing it is one of life's biggest challenges, and I feel that the overcoming of this obstacle is what greatly determines success. Though I can openly say I have yet to reach this complete self-approval, it is what I strive for above all
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