Archetypes In A Doll's House

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The ideal world is a conception of our minds guided by rational thinking that has been confined by acceptable universal codes (Blandy 123). In every way, society seeks to confirm to certain standards that define what is acceptable and what is not for a working structure. These ideals define an acceptable way of viewing the world and subject humanity to a basic concept of reality. Such characters, actions and situations seek to represent a universal pattern of human nature and give birth to archetypes. Archetypes are universally acceptable settings that seek to define society in a certain way. Also known as universal symbol may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting. ‘A Doll House’ is a real illustration of reality confirming to the standards of the society involved. The play represents life in its basic form employing realism as a literary style to address the issues facing the society. Psychologists Carl…show more content…
Men are narcissistic patriarchal bastards who manipulate and control women. Thus Krogstad uses his masculinity to mistreat and blackmail Nora just to get whatever he wants. He is not aware of the position he puts her into despite the fact that she contemplates suicide to save her husband from humiliation. Women play second fiddle to men and the play has illustrated on this phenomenon in detail. The only position assigned to women is in the kitchen raising babies and doing house work. This is one of the oldest archetypes in the whole world. It segregates women from men empowering men dominance and denying women a voice in the society. Nora’s time is spent wrapping presents even though she is a smart woman obsessed with money and earning to maintain a certain class and status. Her husband on the other hand treats her like a possession and does not think much of her as a companion even though she is willing to risk everything including committing a crime to save his
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