Archetypes In Adonis

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Archetypes in Adonis Situational Archetype- The death and Rebirth of Adonis Adonis was a man who was loved by two goddesses, Aphrodite and Persephone. The two goddesses wanted Adonis so much that Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian Gods, had to judge between them and decided to give Adonis to Aphrodite in Spring and Summer. He also give Adonis to Persephone in autumn and winter. One faithful day, Adonis went hunting in the woods and was struck by a boar. As he bled to death and drew his final breath, crimson flower grew in his place. Every year, Greek girl mourn for Adonis and also rejoice when his crimson flowers blooms again. Character Archetype- Loyal retainers Aphrodite was the protector of the hero, Adonis. They would always be together in the woods. She has never left the hero, Adonis, and would protect him. But one day, she wasn’t with him…show more content…
Hera was furious at Hercules and drove him to kill his wife and children. This has caused him to have this burden to bear and he did not want to live anymore but his friend, Thesus, help him and Hercules did many good deeds to the people. One of his many great adventure was when he help Admetus get his wife back from death, repaying Admetus for being a drunken fool in his sorrowful, mourning house. Character Archetype- The Star-crossed Lovers Hercules and Megara was a happy couple who had children and Hercules was very happy at that time. But Hera despised Hercules and sent him madness to kill his wife and his children. When his sanity return, he saw a horrific scene of his wife’s corpse alongside his children. He was anguished and wanted to commit suicide. But he continued on to help people and do good deeds, he found another women, Deianria, and they got married. But again, tragedy struck and Deianria killed herself. Hercules felt anguished and pain and no longer wish to
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