Archetypes In Cinderella's Tale

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While many think Cinderella it is thought of a poor girl that had a good life with her parents. Cinderella had a mother and a Father at the beginning of all three versions of Cinderella. The Father figure and Cinderella had a terrible woman live with them because The Father thought that Cinderella would need a Mother figure since her biological mother had passed away, right? Well, many people think that but what if the ways the interpretation of Cinderella is about to change. The three tales of Cinderella analyzed have very similar structure and substance, themes, archetypes like the circle and of course the Godmother character deviates significantly from each other.
Have you noticed the distinct way the Godmother is depicted in the three
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In the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella the theme is what you push out into the world is what people get in return. That is the message believed to come from the Grimm Brothers because she was treated badly and at the end the evil stepsisters get there eyes pecked out the helper birds that helped make Cinderella dress and shoes. In the Little Golden Book version of Cinderella the beloved theme is ensure kindness and carry courage with oneself and the rest will follow. That is believed to the theme because when Cinderella was kind and had courage everything good in her life followed, like her gog to the ball and having a new and fair life with the prince. In the 2015 Disney Film of Cinderella the theme is believed to be, have kindness and have…show more content…
In the Little Golden Book Cinderella and the prince dance in a circle to represent the unity that will soon be brought. The other way the circle is represented is the fairy dust that is bestowed upon her as the ripped dress is transformed to the stunning blue and white dress she wore to the ball. In the Grimm Brothers version the birds circle her to give her the dress to wear to transform her to see the prince on all the days of the festival, each one better than the last and the shoes were made from gold on the last day of the
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