Archetypes In Jason And The Golden Fleece

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The idea of “archetypes” can be dated as far back as Plato even though the term was only coined in the 1540s. The original archetypes were established over a period of time all over the world with influences from many different societies with different values. The essence of these archetypal characters is still deeply rooted in our 21st century society but, has been modified to better represent different societies now and along the way, new archetypes have been created as well.
The essence of the archetypal characters that humanity started out with can still be seen in our 21st century societies. Though details of the archetypes and certain elements of how these archetypes interact vary across the globe, the general umbrella can be seen used across a range of societies with different ideals. In “Jason and the Golden Fleece”, they have the basic archetypal characters such as Jason, the hero who went on a quest to take back his throne, Cheiron, the mentor of the hero, Aeetes, who can be seen as a villain as well as a shadow of Jason, Medea who fills the platonic ideal archetype as well as the damsel in distress, and the Argonauts who take the archetypes of the loyal retainers and the group
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These basic archetypes are the fundamentals of storytelling to this day no matter if it’s western modern society or eastern modern society or anything in between. For example in Harry potter, which is a western 21st century piece of work, you see these
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