Archetypes In Little Red Riding Hood

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1. In little red riding hood, Mr. Wolf asked Red riding hood where she was going. She said “I am going to see my Grandmother and I am taking a cake and a little jar of butter, which my mother has sent” 2. In the story Hansel and Gretel. It is shown to have appearance vs reality as one of the themes. 3. The King in Rumpelstiltskin threatens to kill the Millers daughter if she does not spin the wool for three nights. This story also has situational archetypes with a battle between Good and Evil. This archetype can be compared to the story of Cinderella. 4. The color Red which is the coat red riding hood is wearing can mean less to some but if you really think about it has a deep meaning. 5. In the story Cinderella. Cinderella is the hero figure…show more content…
The theme is, don’t talk to strangers. This relates to modern world because parents always tell their children never to talk to strangers because you don’t’ know who they are and what they are capable to do. This story also has a symbol which is the color red which represents something. This could have been used to show that something bad might happen very soon, which something did happen. Now onto the stories Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin. They both are similar in because they both have the same kind of situational archetype which is good vs evil. In Rumpelstiltskin, its Millers daughter (good) and Rumpelstiltskin (evil). The thing he does is that he only spins the gold if she gives him her possessions. After she gave up everything she got, he asked for her first unborn child. Knowing now that the only way to win over evil is Rumpelstiltskin’s name. So she uses that to defeat the evil and keep her baby. In Cinderella (good) now, her family was always rude (the stepsisters who were evil) to her even though she followed all the rules and did all the work she was told to do. The only person good to her was her godmother who was a mentor (based on archetype figures) because she was wise, helpful, motherly figure and she grants her with gifts. In the end the stepsisters get the bad karma because Cinderella got the kings son, and
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