Archetypes In Night Howler

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Zootopia makes a point to let us know that predators are the minority and predators are the only ones “going savage” as a result of the Night Howler serum (even though it could potentially affect both prey and predator). While it is not stated exactly state which minority the predators are, it is fairly clear that we are talking about African Americans. In the beginning of the movie, it is shown that nick is denied service at an ice cream parlor because he is a fox, a predator. The police force also has tension with predators the same way they do in real life, as in a predator is just more likely to get in trouble with the police because of race profiling. Another clue is the assistant mayor bellwether tell us that predators are 10% of the population, a similar mark to the 12.3% of the African American population in the U.S. All of the missing animals are from Zootopia precinct one which is the center of the city all of this mirrors the group hit hardest by crack cocaine in the 1980s. A paper by Steven D.…show more content…
Once found out she admitted that she created the serum to ensure the pray majority could keep the peace by making everyone afraid of predators, she said; “Fear always works”. Now finally we come to the last similarity, both night howlers and crack were government conspiracies. There are theories that the epidemic back in the 1980s came from a similar kind of government conspiracy as that shown in Zootopia. Despite whether these theories are true or not that line up with the events depicted in Zootopia very very well. In 1996 a Journalist named Gary Webb wrote a 3 part report called “Dark Alliance” which exposed connections between our government and the spread of crack cocaine in the African American neighborhood of South Los
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