Archetypes In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In many mythological pieces of literature, the reader will more likely to find some shape or form of archetypes. Although some may not be as in depth as others, or span over a much longer period of time. Archetypes are extremely common and if they were to not exist, some of these mythology stories being told may not be here today, or at least as interesting as they may seem. Thus seems to be the case here with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. In this fantastic work written by Pearl poet, there has seemed to be inputted many specific details that allow the reader to image specific scenes and picturize characters among the story. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight the hero, which in this case is Sir Gawain, must undergo multiple situations…show more content…
Mainly because he is a small celebrity being Arthur's nephew. As sir gawain stays here a singled out maiden wants to seem to become a little more attached to Gawain than all the others were. As she sneaks up into his room where Gawain sleeps, sitting bedside and wants a kiss, even more than a kiss from him. In this scenario, the host’s wife would be the temptress. The next morning after his stay Sir Gawain rides off from the castle and sets off on his Journey in the center of the abyss, The chapel. Upon arriving to the chapel Sir Gawain begins to hear noises. Sounds of a weapon being sharpened on a grindstone which by Gawain can tell will be his fate. Once the Green knight is done sharpening his axe, he greets Sir Gawain in a destination to repay Gawain for the game that the knight had made a proposition for a year ago. Not trying to show off fear Sir gawain positions himself for the Green knight so he may deal his final blows of his mighty axe. After the knight has dealt the blow causing a small cut. Sir Gawain is allowed to head home. Now for the center of the abyss the boon guardian has to be the Green knight and the boon must be Sir Gawain and his own life and knowledge and
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